2.1.7 Advanced rhythmic commands

Partial measure

Music Glossary: anacrusis.

A pickup (or anacrusis) is entered with the keyword \partial. It is followed by a duration: \partial 4 is a quarter note pickup and \partial 8 an eighth note.

\partial 8 f8 |
c2 d |

[image of music]


Music Glossary: note value, triplet.

Tuplets are made with the \times keyword. It takes two arguments: a fraction and a piece of music. The duration of the piece of music is multiplied by the fraction. Triplets make notes occupy 2/3 of their notated duration, so a triplet has 2/3 as its fraction

\times 2/3 { f8 g a }
\times 2/3 { c8 r c }
\times 2/3 { f,8 g16[ a g a] }
\times 2/3 { d4 a8 }

[image of music]

Grace notes

Music Glossary: grace notes, acciaccatura, appoggiatura.

Grace notes are created with the \grace command, although they can also be created by prefixing a music expression with the keyword \appoggiatura or \acciaccatura:

c2 \grace { a32[ b] } c2 |
c2 \appoggiatura b16 c2 |
c2 \acciaccatura b16 c2 |

[image of music]

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Notation Reference: Grace notes, Tuplets, Upbeats.

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