3.2.6 arpeggio-interface

Functions and settings for drawing an arpeggio symbol.

User settable properties:

arpeggio-direction (direction)

If set, put an arrow on the arpeggio squiggly line.

positions (pair of numbers)

Pair of staff coordinates (left . right), where both left and right are in staff-space units of the current staff. For slurs, this value selects which slur candidate to use; if extreme positions are requested, the closest one is taken.

script-priority (number)

A sorting key that determines in what order a script is within a stack of scripts.

dash-definition (pair)

List of dash-elements defining the dash structure. Each dash-element has a starting t value, an ending t-value, a dash-fraction, and a dash-period.

Internal properties:

stems (array of grobs)

An array of stem objects.

This grob interface is used in the following graphical object(s): Arpeggio.

Internals Reference