3.1.3 AccidentalPlacement

AccidentalPlacement objects are created by: Accidental_engraver and Ambitus_engraver.

Standard settings:

direction (direction):


If side-axis is 0 (or X), then this property determines whether the object is placed LEFT, CENTER or RIGHT with respect to the other object. Otherwise, it determines whether the object is placed UP, CENTER or DOWN. Numerical values may also be used: UP=1, DOWN=-1, LEFT=-1, RIGHT=1, CENTER=0.

right-padding (dimension, in staff space):


Space to insert on the right side of an object (e.g., between note and its accidentals).

script-priority (number):


A sorting key that determines in what order a script is within a stack of scripts.

X-extent (pair of numbers):


Hard coded extent in X direction.

This object supports the following interface(s): accidental-placement-interface, grob-interface and item-interface.

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